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Collaborative digital learner-created content

Marja-Leena Bilund; Mari Muinonen & Sara Sintonen
Students’ ability to make circumspect decisions and tactfulness in a
collaborative digital production in primary school
This article discusses the experiences of primary-school-age children on collaborative digital content production as part of school education. The projects that use mobile technology were implemented with different classes in two subsequent age groups. The digital age and culture emphasize spontaneous production and individual thinking and expression. It is therefore natural to examine how students work in digital environments and which features stand out from their experiences. We were particularly interested in dimensions that related to the ability to make circumspect decisions, and tact. The ability to make circumspect decisions refers to the student’s ability to be present in the moment and make productive solutions, whereas tact refers to acting in ways that take into account and respect various factors. The data of this qualitative study is based on the students’ writings on digital content production projects. The content analysis of the study sheds light on how the students’ circumspection and tactfulness manifest as factors relating to communality and cooperation, flexibility and negotiation, and presence.
These are displayed particularly in relation to other students, as well as the digital content that is being produced, and the technology used to produce it. The 5th and 6th graders who participated in the study want to study in small groups at school using the mobile technology they’re accustomed to using during their free time. The students’ spontaneous use of technology and mobile devices in digital projects is a practical opportunity for developing their ability to make circumspect decisions and to use tact.
Keywordsdigital content production, mobile technology, tactfulness, ability to make circumspect desicisions, collaborative learning

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