torstai 21. tammikuuta 2016

What might happen?

What might happen if we begun to emphasize thinking instead of obeying?  What might happen if we begun to see and listen pupils voice instead of just looking and hearing them. 
What might happen if we stopped waisting the potential of different learners ? What might happen if we  teachers begun to think more about learning instead of teaching?                                               

I had a possibility to listen Ewan McIntosh NoTosh learning in   Google Kickoff Meeting in Helsinki.  Problem-based learning and the skill of making questions are in the main role in our classroom. Ewan showed me the new way to get deeper and deeper in making questions; Hexagonal Thinking. It´s really mind-blowing!   


We took this new tool to use straight away in our World and Us project. It´s hard work to get deeper and deeper.