perjantai 16. lokakuuta 2015

What are you doing about it?

As a teacher it´s my responsibility to help pupils to find their strengths; shy, noisy, irritating, restless, cheeky, bullying, know who I´m talking about. Especially these pupils should get the experience that they are respected as humans. It´s the actions that are not accepted not the child.
It´s too often heard " that teacher didn´t like me" instead "that teacher did no like my actions".  Gradually the sound-self esteem falls into  pieces for the lack of exact feedback. And those pieces are hard to get back together.  Through real dialog pupils can be seen as precious ones as they are. Information and communications technology (ICT) gives one new way to be heard for pupils

 Enjoy the real power of difference.

 Photos of exhibition "Me and myself; self-image"
Town Hall of Mikkeli, 2013

                      " I wanna be a good friend  to
                        everyone and encourage
                        them with their dreams"
                        (photo text)
                       Are we teachers doing that?                                    

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